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Sesi Boubak & Sempe Thiékét Guesthouses, Relaxation on the Beach or Explore Casamance - the beauty of Africa

At the beach

The long beach invite you to walk, play, early morning jog or just relax, sunbathe and swim, either in the waves of the ocean or in the bologne, the tidal border river between Senegal and Gambia.  

Fireside evening

An evening around the fireside
Let the beat of the drums follow you into the night.

A trip on the river

Enjoy a trip on the river
Enjoy the sunrise and the day coming to life in the mangroves, as you quietly glide along the bologne. Maybe you finish with breakfast at the riverside café on the Gambian side.

Visit the village

The village of Abéné
A lovely walk along the beach may take you there. Enjoy a cool drink before you have a look at village life, handicrafts or maybe the ancient Bantang Worro.

Fishing village

The fishing village of Kafountine
is not far away. Visit the busy fishermen's market, or the vibrant outdoormarket for a good bargain, the colourful women's market of fruit & veg or maybe have a visit to the best tailor in the district.

The festival of Abene

The Abéné Festivalo takes place every year between Dec 26th and Jan 2nd. It celebrates both traditional dance and music and modern music.

Watch the sunset

Watch the sun go down
and experience the African nights, dark, warm and velvety, full of scent and sound...purely magical...

Pure relaxation

Just relax
and seek the shade in one of our lovely hammocks, listen to the sounds and enjoy space and time.

The sacred tree

The Bantang Worro
This ancient kapok tree is absolutely worth a visit. It is sacred to the women and stands for protection of womanhood, fertilitity, birth and children.
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