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5th January 2025 - 19th January 2025

 Sesi Boubak & Sempe Thiékét Guesthouses

Casamance, Senegal

from 1150 euros- exclusive flight

10 nights, 3 meals pr day with local, fresh and ecological produce as far as we are able, yoga morning and afternoon and taxi to and from the airport. NB! Flight is not included.


We are located in the southern part of Senegal, by the coast. This year we co-operate with Get in touch to see the full program. 

You fly to Banjul and will be met by us at the airport. Just inform us of your dates and flight information. EU citizens are not requested a visa, but from Norway, Great Britain and Switzerland you are requested a visa at the embassy in Banjul. .

You book the flight yourself and are responsible for your flight as an ordinary passenger. Many companies fly to Banjul, like Brussel Airlines, Air France, Vueling  or Tap Portugal.

You are welcome to extend your stay with us. 

Contact information, photos and practical information is found on our website, Please let us know any additional questions you may have.


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