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Seny Sagna has been co-owner at Sesi Boubak for the past 10 years or so. Seny is foremost a gardener and has worked for many years at a campement in Abéné before he became responsible for the developement and running of Sesi Boubak.

Seny grew up in Katack, a village a little inland from the Gambian border river. Here he has a big garden, with oranges, mandarines, grapefruits and mangoes, and he provides lovely fruit for the guesthouses.

Seny is a well known and respected man, knows the area very well and is often a guide on the local tours. 

Seny Sagna, co-owner and Senegalese guide
Bacary Sagna, co-owner and djembe instructor

Bacary Sagna is also a local man and grew up in Abéné and Kafountine. He is co-owner at Sempe Thiékét. But most importantly he is a talented djembeplayer and an experienced teacher of djembe and dance.

Bacary is the artistic leader and solo djembe player of the Mama Africa ballet of traditional music and dance, based in Abéné. Now he lives and works in Norway.

Bacary will offer lessons or workshops in drumming the djembe and teaching or organizing dance lessons, for you to experience the wonderful rhythms and movements in African traditional music.

Anne Berit Astriddatter Sagna comes from Norway and has worked for many years as a teacher. She knows Senegal well, in particular our area of Casamance in the south of Senegal. She is also co-owner of Sempe Thiékét.

Now she wishes to open up possibilities for holidays and experiences in West Africa and to show a different Africa than what is usually portrayed by the news. She will be your hostess in our season from Christmas till the end of February.

The Norwegian hostess
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